Stand for Something

Let your federal, state, and local elected leaders know what you stand for. Hold each of them accountable for doing the right thing. Your voice matters, so take action.

Follow the links below to stand for something:

Tell your Senator that you support S. 2230, the Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Designation Act of 2015

Demand Answers on Clinton Corruption

Block Obama’s Attempt to Pack the Supreme Court

Encourage Dr. Ed Stetzer to Address Refugee Resettlement with Wisdom and Discernment

Encourage Your Lafayette (LA) City-Parish Council to Address Refugee Resettlement

Support the Religious Liberty Rights of Vintage Church in Louisiana

Destroy ISIS. Protect Christians

Stop U.S. Mayors from Importing Un-vetted Refugees

Stop Funding Terrorists at War with Israel

IRS: Take Away Muslim Group’s Tax-Exempt Status

Clear Sgt. Charles Martland’s Record

Force Mitch McConnell to Step Down

Stop the Iran Deal

Save Pastor Saeed Abedini from an Iranian Prison

Stop Harvesting and Selling Babies’ Organs

Stop Legal Terrorism against Israel at the ICC

Stop Islamic Indoctrination in Our Schools