Q: Are we all children of the same God?

A: No!

To my Catholic brothers and sisters, I am often apprehensive to share such headlines: Pope Francis washes feet of Muslim migrants, says we’re all “children of the same God.” Nonetheless, each of us needs to be aware of these issues, so they are not ignored.

Is the Pope accurate when he says we are all children of God? David Wheaton of The Christian Worldview answers the question at the 07:05 mark of Part 1 of our podcast together. This vague comment from the Pope is NOT biblical Christianity! Romans 8 definitively sets the record straight. Forgive me for being “bulldogmatic” (like Steven Lawson), but I believe this is important for people to understand.

You may also want to hear the Cliff Kincaid podcast as he responds to the question: How has Marxism infiltrated the Catholic church? at the 08:18 mark.

May we not be discouraged. Things are not falling apart. They are falling place! We can have the utmost comfort and confidence because “It is finished.” Christ’s atoning work on the Cross is done, and all who call upon His name are saved! He has risen!