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Q: Are we all children of the same God?

A: No! To my Catholic brothers and sisters, I am often apprehensive to share such headlines: Pope Francis washes feet of Muslim migrants, says we’re all “children of the same God.” Nonetheless, each of us needs to be aware of these issues, so they are not ignored. Is the Pope […]

Curtis Bowers and Agenda Documentaries

Have you considered joining us for the Acadiana Patriots’ upcoming event with Curtis Bowers? His Agenda documentaries have featured men like Jim Simpson and Cliff Kincaid. You don’t want to miss Curtis Bowers in town next week! Click here or here to find out more. Remember, if you can join us, please come introduce yourself to our 2717 team.

Documentary event with filmmaker Curtis Bowers

March 2016 – “Witnessing” to Jehovah’s Witnesses