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About the Author

“If you want to know God, read the Bible.” This simple statement changed his life forever. God willing, the full story on how these words transformed his life will one day be revealed in a book (currently a “work in progress”). At the present time, he's still licking the wounds from the first round of manuscript edits, so please be patient as this part of his journey unfolds. Until then, welcome to this website. Here, you will find a variety of resources that explain and reflect on the Bible in ways that display the absolute authority and power of Scripture in the lives of men. His prayer is that these resources will help you make applying God’s Word in your life a daily and life-changing practice. “Equip and defend” has become his motto in recent months. He believes a man’s faith and his defense of it should be forged on the Word of God. Culture may disagree, and surely it will, but that will not stop him from leading men into the gladiatorial arena. Without cringing or shrinking back from the enemy’s sword, he’ll continue to engage in a tireless fight for the love and glory of Christ. What is more, he feels the “call” to enable and equip Christian men so they can likewise engage in this life-or-death spiritual adventure. He's not a pastor. He's not a church elder. He has no real platform to soothe the gratification of credibility. He's simply a freelance writer, an avid reader of books, a medium to dark roast coffee fiend, a fan of the Incredible Hulk, an admirer of John Calvin and Charles Spurgeon, a student of the Bible and defender of the faith, and most importantly, a follower of Christ. He is quick to say he's married to an incredible woman who helps him put on his armor every day. He's nothing more, nothing less. He prays you are drawn to learn and defend the Bible with him. On the pages of this website, and in the resources provided, there is an unapologetic use of the Word of God to equip and inspire us out to meet all that the Gospel demands. The rallying purpose of the website is genuine love and obedience to Christ – the one who first loved us. If you’re ready to be part of raw steel being refined and formed into deeper Godly relationships, join the ministry and let the sparks fly. Together, may each of us be brought to desire and savor God’s Word more than ever before. “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another” (Proverbs 27:17, NIV84).

Our Commitments

We will be involved. We will be active in our community. We will rely on the inspired and inerrant words of Scripture.

Stand for Something

Take a stand on issues affecting religious freedom, the value of human life, Christian persecution, and much more. Your action is needed, because your voice can make a difference.

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Step Into the Arena

Find upcoming events near Lafayette, Louisiana. This is the place you’ll move from spectator to gladiator. Link arms with other Believers and join us for Bible study, community events, and more.

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What We Believe

The Baptist Faith and Message provides our ministry the context for what we believe. It helps us understand the Biblical foundations of our faith, and it strengthens our daily walk as followers of Christ.

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Verse of the Week

Be challenged to make verse memorization part of your weapons arsenal to conquer sin and Satan. Scripture will also help you conform to Christ, communicate the Gospel, and give you peace or strength in every situation.

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Why should you help provide access to clean water to the entire nation of Liberia, Africa, and offer the Gospel to Every Person There by 2020?

Because It's Never Been Done Before, And Some Say It Can't Be Done.

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